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Man in warehouse Seeteria safety

Boosting Material Handling Safety


Transforming Ordinary CCTV Into Your AI-Powered Safety Guardians

CCTV safety camera viewed from the back, monitoring warehouse aisles filled with racks and boxes

Within the realm of facilities utilizing material handling vehicles, we are dedicated to reshaping safety landscapes. Whether it's forklifts, order pickers, or pallet stackers, our focus is on creating secure environments. Leveraging the power of AI, machine vision, and predictive analytics, we transform your existing CCTV infrastructure into a sophisticated safety network. As a SaaS solution, we rely on readily available video cameras and sirens as tools that support the system. The result is the elimination of disruptive false alarms, replaced by pinpoint precision in identifying potential threats.

Building Worker Trust Through Precise Alarms and Minimal Interruptions

Our timely alerts serve pedestrians and vehicle operators, providing the exact moment required to avert accidents.

By delivering unmatched accuracy, we cultivate the reliability and trust that drives effective action. Operating in warehouses, logistic centers, and more, we're woven into the fabric of daily operations. Through enhanced safety, we save lives, minimize sick days, production losses, downtime and monetary losses stemming from accidents. With us, your company secures both workforce and financial stability.

Warehouse aisle with workers highlighted by AI-generated green and red frames, indicating safe and at-risk positions, as a forklift enters the scene


Meet the Founders

Discover our leading team, led by founders with years of combined experience in AI innovation. Drawing from our collaborative efforts, we've built Seeteria, with a commitment to revolutionizing safety in manufacturing, storage, and logistics.