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Transforming Ordinary CCTV Into Your AI-Powered Safety Guardians

CCTV safety camera viewed from the back, monitoring warehouse aisles filled with racks and boxes

Within the realm of facilities utilizing material handling vehicles, we are dedicated to reshaping safety landscapes. Whether it's tractors, forklifts, pallet stackers or other heavy duty vehicles like excavators or scrapers, our focus is on creating secure environments. Leveraging the power of AI, machine vision, and predictive analytics, we transform your existing security cameras infrastructure into a sophisticated safety network. As a SaaS solution, we rely on readily available video cameras and sirens as tools that support the system. The result is the elimination of disruptive false alarms, replaced by pinpoint precision in identifying potential threats.

Building Worker Trust Through Precise Alarms and Minimal Interruptions

Our alerts provide real-time notifications to managers, pedestrians, and vehicle operators, offering critical warnings precisely when needed to prevent accidents.

With unparalleled accuracy, SEETERIA builds reliability and trust that promote decisive actions. Integrated into the daily operations of warehouses, logistics centers, mines, construction sites, and shipping yards, our system enhances safety. We save lives, reduce sick days, cut production losses, minimize downtime, and mitigate financial losses from accidents. Partnering with us ensures your workforce and financial stability are well-protected

Warehouse aisle with workers highlighted by AI-generated green and red frames, indicating safe and at-risk positions, as a forklift enters the scene


Meet the Founders

Discover our leading team, led by founders with years of combined experience in AI innovation. Drawing from our collaborative efforts, we've built SEETERIA, with a commitment to revolutionizing safety of material handling vehicles and heavy duty vehicles


Sarit Tamir

Experienced CEO and business development executive. Skilled in startup landscapes and innovative AI. Expertise in transforming ideas into executed solutions. Proven track record of leading successful projects with high ROI. Strengths in team building, developing strategies, and creating value.

Sarit Tamir, Founder & CEO of Seeteria


Maoz Tamir

An artificial intelligence architect and hands-on executive with a particular focus on image analysis algorithms. Over 12 years of experience in deep learning, visual analysis, and signal analysis, as well as over 30 years of software development experience

Maoz Tamir, CTO of Seeteria


SEETERIA in the News

Read about us on Markets Insider, "How Seeteria Will Bring a Change to Workplace Safety: Aiding in the Prevention of Accidents and Injuries"

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